Now every villager is your very best buddy

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This reminds me of Animal Crossing New Horizons Items the spongebob incident where squidward moves into the neighborhood along with other squids.

This is why I can't play pokemon anymore either. Even in the previous games, all the characters are just cookie cutter"wow I love my friends and Pokemon!" Unless it's among the gangs. I know it makes it a little easier to appeal to a younger market, but games like Paper Mario or Earthbound have proven that you can have sassy or primitive NPC dialogue and kids will still love it.

Man, have you played with any of the newer Pokemon games? If you believed that was a problem in the old games then you haven't seen anything lol

This. NH is likely a fantasy come true for people who are into decorating and terraforming however to me personally Animal Crossing was going to the villagers and their personalities since that is what made it unique.

I really don't remember which villager, however on Gamecube I remember one which if you visited him early morning he would tell you it's too early for people and to get out of his residence. Made me laugh.

Now every villager is your very best buddy.

This is more due to localization than anything tbh. Villagers in Japan consistently were sweet, which later on this was corrected and they became similar to what the japanese version is.

I want villagers who could be assholes. Or villagers who are their own people. Allow me to feel like those are real characters, not simply artsy cookie-cut satisfaction bots given to me to play with.

The English translation wasn't loyal at all to the first, but man was it good. Nintendo of Japan was so impressed they re buy Animal Crossing Items translated the translation are released it in Japan.

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