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You do understand Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta: NG is basically an upgrade right? It will be a continuing development on the present game. PSO2 is not a rehash of the JP version that will"expire after being miilked". NG is not even set to come out till next season, and based off of the quantity of work the dev team it's putting into it and the success of JP, it's looking like a 10 year game, readily. I've whined about the current expenses of game content, however the reveal of NG has made me know the reason for those prices. Don't spread the impression of this sport being a money grab and hurt the odds of new players becoming involved based on ill conceieved opinions. Not trendy bros..

Er, look frankly. I may have passed up PSO2NA ENTIRELY when I knew that they were doing so. I'm not fond of a multigame version, I would rather commit to one spot. I am currently a little hesitant to drop money on the game but we are going to have to see how NGS development goes.

Premium isn't style and emotes, stock space isn't fashion and emotes, mags are not fashion and emotes. Should I go on to state to more? I am not everyone here plays fashion and emotes. I made those purchases assuming that SEGA would predominantly put their energy into PSO2. Keyword being mostly. I've been on PSO since the gamecube days. PSO into PSOBB is what I think is happening, and unless the game is complete shit, YES I will see leaving behind PSO2. I simply prefer not to spend my money on games that seem not to be heavily focused on by the company developing/publishing them.

No my premium won't carry over will the majority of my efforts related to it. Just like the fuck are they going to carry over if the game isnt being discharged and my top won't be busy then? My mags will NOT be carried over. Have you been reading at all, have you done any research? Here is something that quickly sums it up. PSO2:NGS is another match, any grinding and time put into PSO2 does not directly translate over to PSO2:NGS finish of this fucking story.

Unless you believe grinding for fashion by buying it off the industry is the same thing then sure, yeah your fucking 99% fashion is moving with you.

I am not actually on the aspect of pso2 being a cash grab, I suppose, but I do question how Japan got 8 years out of the and we are getting like 8 months. (I know that it's not going to release jan 1 2021, but the term symmetry was simply too poetic) I'd really rather question why the NA release wasn't tied hand and hand with this. Even just declared at the exact same moment. It's barely been 3 weeks. It needed to cheap PSO2 Meseta have been in the pipe for a while.

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