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The collapse of the Vikings defense can cause some very interesting encounters with possession there. Mike Zimmer entrusted that side of the ball to his son and also one of his closest friends. Minnesota had a chance to Madden 21 coins create a late playoff series but gave up 120 points at the final 3 games (gulp) while losing three of their past four. Things tend to become awkward when household is involved, but they obviously have to have things sorted on that aspect of the ball. In case the Washington Football Team do not return to guys with ties to this business -- in either or both of Marty Hurney and Martin Mayhew -- as a part of the looming restructure, Titans exec Ryan Cowden is a title to watch. He's strong ties to Washington coach Rob Rivera, who wields intense power in that organization.

Hearing a few groups are certainly interested in Colts exec Morocco Brown for GM openings. Houston may wind up interviewing 15 or more candidates. Rams scouting director Brad Holmes is at the mix for the Falcons and Lions GM openings as those hunts move in the phase of speaking to those now under NFL contract. It's likely something for down the line, but there's been increasing chatter in scouting circles concerning the Raiders with a shakeup in personnel of some sort before the 2021 season. Perhaps it's something following the draft.

The Bengals will be hiring at least three new position trainers on Zac Taylor's staff, and possibly more. There has been some concern in the training positions about the length of contracts that will be extended to buy Mut 21 coins applicants. Rams defensive coordinator Brandon Staley is going to be a title to watch among the group of young coaches who haven't garnered head coaching interviews before. Darrell Bevell did not capture many fractures as interim Lions head coach but was a competitive team when he had been at the helm. I see him as an OC somewhere in 2021.

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