I'd just played the first and was very disappointed

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Frankly, I did not like Tortimer Island at Animal Crossing Bells New Leaf. Those minigames were clunky and I didn't like how easy it was to generate bells from the horned beetles and sharks. It felt strangely disjointed. I think there is a way to integrate Tortimer Island elegantly though

I'd just played the first and was very disappointed when the only gyroid that seems in the whole match is when you construct a bridge or ramp

New Horizons at least tried to make it feel like the characters were farther apart than in New Leaf by having two quite different ones at the very beginning of the game, but after some time the elimination of hobbies only means neither game has considerably for the villagers to talk about. I think I'd be ready to give up a couple content upgrades in the event the trade off was dialogue at least on par with the original, though preferably Wild World.

Agreed! There's definitely a nostalgia factor, but I can't help but believe that ACNH remains kind of vacant. At least whenever there were not any events to Cheap Animal Crossing Items do in ACNL, I could always go to Tortimer's island!

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