Absolutely agreed.

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Agreed! There is undoubtedly a nostalgia factor, but I can't help but believe that ACNH remains kind of Animal Crossing Bells vacant. At least whenever there weren't any events to perform in ACNL, I could go to Tortimer's island!

Absolutely agreed. I can not get the absolute most from my sport since it is locked away behind those damn balloons.

However it shouldn't be the only way to receive them. They could only do something easy, such as when you grab a maple leaf you would have a 1/10 possibility of your character moving"wait, that is not a leaf it is a DIY" or anything like that.

I played with al great deal in november and only got the all the Mush DIYs on the last day by just keeping the Switch running to the full day and popping up every ballon that flew by (while working on different things). I knew it had changed but that I could not really remember how it functioned in Cheap Nook Miles Ticket New Leaf. It's been a few years since I did it now.

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