I have been working on this website to EVE echoes

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It's a mess as well as players get on, it'll be even more flooded with eve echoes isk small lots that really need to be concealed behind appropriate market tools. I do not care that there are 5,000 lots of 10 items at 100 ISK each. Yours are better, but using just point in time scratching, it can only be so great without them exposing the information. (Much better than my"by eye" quotes that are even less frequent -- I upgrade my spreadsheet about twice weekly )

In terms of the estimated prices: I just updated the algorithm I use to make the sell/buy prices. I believe it's a tiny bit better at fitting what people are expecting. Allow me to know if they seem better to you.Wells make sure to indicate they add an API for your marketplace information. It's better that they do it for actual than promote scraping or other procedures, IMO.Of course, the recent video made it seem as they couldn't even determine corporate logs; the sector is bigger than that. Heh.

I have been working on this website to show price histories for all of the items in Eve Echoes. I only have history for the last week or so. Trades? If this is so, I have looked at some items that I exchange and I've sold far in excess of the proposed volumes in the previous two days. Where are you getting the information?

It is possible to view my other comment, but I'm just estimating volume based on comparing the number of sells/buys each time that I check each item (and attempting to keep an eye on orders which are the same both times). It certainly under-estimates the volumes because of transactions which are made and fulfilled in between these two checks. It is maybe more useful to be able to see relative data for the time being. Also, the numbers you see will be for ~3 hour ranges (I already have a TODO to include up the previous day's worth of amounts ), which might explain why they seem low. If you have better ideas on the best way best to estimate it, I would love to hear them! This was just the best way I could think of to test given the information that I have.

How did you get this data, particularly on volume?Volume is just estimated, but it is basically only calculated by comparing the amount of buy/sells for a given thing. the last time I checked for that item. For the other data, I'm essentially just scratching the data from the game. I am not sure exactly what is allowed, so I'm not sure if I should give out more details.As a fellow programmer (full pile ) I would really like to know more about how you did this! I had downloaded wireshark to test myself but I'm afraid my current knowledge ends there. Was looking into scrutinizing the packets but eve isk for sale that is as far as I've gotten.

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